Circo Fest takes the streets of Old San Juan

Locals dressed up in the brightest of colors while singing and dancing down the street, Circo Fest takes the streets of Old San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s “Circo Fest” is an annual parade and festival held on the streets of Old San Juan. It takes place every March in the same area. It is a festive parade that locals and tourists from all over gather to enjoy.

This festival provides entertainment such as circus acts and street performers from all over the world. It is an international festival that brings in art and music to the streets for the community to enjoy.

“I’ve been living in Puerto Rico for many years, and I still enjoy coming to this parade,” Patricia Butler said, native to Puerto Rico. “It’s such a beautiful thing to see people get together and participate in.”

The main purpose of this festival is to promote the use of public spaces for the circus and street arts in Puerto Rico.

Seeing the community come together with diverse groups of people of all ages participate in this colorful parade is an enjoyable experience for everyone who attends.

One of the entertainers blowing their whistle to the beat of the music.
Local man sits on a quiet street as the festival goes on right across the street from him.
Puerto Rican man stands as he waits for people to buy food and snacks from his concession stand.
Live circus acts and entertainment take place as people walk through the streets.
People of all ages dress up and march in the parade on the streets of Old San Juan.


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